Can't think of a combination for your customized mask or scrub? Check out our premade Signature masks. Available in 1 oz pouches 6-12 mask or sample size which makes 1-3 mask depending on how you like the consistency of your face masks. We prefer ours as a very thin layer. 

Directions- Scoop out a small amount of product into either the palm of your hand or small glass/plastic container and add a little liquid at a time until you have reached desired consistency. DO NOT KEEP ANY FACEMASK ON LONGER THAN 15 MINUTES! OUR PRODUCTS ARE ALL NATURAL AND WORK QUICKLY. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY

*The most important thing is to not get water or any other liquids in the product container. We don't use any preservatives so liquids added into the container will breed bacteria and make your product unsafe. 

Please patch test all products, if any sign of allergy shows discontinue use. DO NOT KEEP ANY MASK ON LONGER THAN 15 MINUTES, OUR PRODUCTS ARE ALL NATURAL AND WORK QUICKLY.



Signature Face Mask-Premade

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Acne Scars Be Gone
Acne Scars Be Gone

Signature Mask

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