About Us

MixNMasks was created by sisters Nelly & Vicky, with a passion for simple, affordable, and effective skincare. We love having "moms night in" and pampering ourselves with skincare, mom talk, and wine! Neither of us have the exact same skin texture, type or issues so finding a facemask that worked for both of us was impossible. 
Once we started becoming more health conscious about what goes on our skin, which happens to be our largest most absorbent organ. We started label reading and noticed all the excessive, harsh preservatives and skin drying alcohols that commercially produced face mask contained and we were shocked.  
We started looking into making fresh ingredient facemask in our own kitchen and soon started to realize how much of an inconvenience it is to find all these exotic/seasonal ingredients and not be wasteful. With fresh ingredients you could only use them one time before it went bad. So that didn't work,We needed something convenient to package and easy to store without compromising the benefits of real ingredients.
One day we decided to take a chance and create our own brand of customizable facemask and body care products. We chose dehydrated and natural ingredients that people could conveniently mix and customize without the stress of tracking down ingredients and wasting excess fresh produce that wasn't good after a few hours. MixNMasks was created with every skin type in mind because we all know not everyone has the same skin type.