Our Premium Charcoal Toothpaste has 3 all natural ingredients and spearmint essential oil that works quickly and efficiently to whiten your pearly whites!
MixNMasks Charcoal toothpaste comes in a 4oz container to bring you a bright smile!
Charcoal is an all natural ingredient that may cause staining on countertops and clothing. Keep a towel nearby. For best results and no mess use while in the shower. 
Directions: Wet toothbrush then dip the toothbrush into the charcoal toothpaste powder. Lightly tap the brush on container then, brush teeth in a circular motion. If needed you may wet toothbrush again.  Rinse mouth & brush teeth again with regular toothpaste to remove any excess residue that may be left on teeth. 
For maximum results brush teeth for at least a whole minute and use 4-5 times a week. 

Charcoal Toothpaste!

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